Meeting at Italia- Info

About “Tomorrow’s Entrepreneur” project, is hereby given that September 3, 2013 the Italian partners held their first meeting during which they laid the foundation for addressing the commitments made and to discuss also about the future student mobility coordination.

The meeting was attended by the following parties:

Province of Alessandria
Nerve-Fermi Institute of Alexandria
Confindustria of Alexandria

In this start-up meeting were presented the involved parties and has been widely discussed the project structure.

Moreover, on October 21, the Italian partners held their second coordination meeting during which it was developed the plan of the training courses and discussed the specific member roles also going to lay the basis for cooperation with the collegues of the Spanish High School.

Confindustria Association will take care of the elaboration of the contents and will provide the training to the teachers of Nervi-Fermi Institute.

The corses will be held in Alexandria on december.

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